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Calling all accountants – Are you sitting on a gold mine?

22 May 2020

Chris O'Shea | Partner

Refer an accountancy client to Raising Finance and you receive 25% of the charge!

Many businesses are struggling across the country due to the lock down and other restrictions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. These are not confined to B2C businesses which rely on footfall and bricks and mortar shops to attract customers. 

The knock-on effects of lock down are also starting to affect businesses that provide support and services such as accountants and legal services. With their clients facing cash flow issues and struggling to make ends meet, there is less demand for their services. 

Are you sitting on a gold mine?

For businesses such as accountants, this could mean they are sitting on an untapped gold mine. 

For many of their clients, the only real stumbling block is raising the working capital. That’s where Raising Finance steps in. 

We can help your clients source the funding they need to maintain their financial stability. Not only that, but you receive a 25% share of the charge!

Turn your clients into a new revenue stream by partnering with Raising Finance.

Help fund the future of your clients’ business. 

By partnering with Raising Finance, you and your clients will gain access to our effective and extensive network of financial institutions across the UK and beyond. 

Everything we do here at Raising Finance is driven by collaboration. We believe that long-term relationships and sustainable partnerships are the key to building businesses. 

You and your clients will benefit from a win/win partnership offering a streamlined process for raising finance, expert guidance and support and the confidence that your clients will find the best price for their business. 

How does the partnership work? 

We have decades of combined experience raising finance for businesses across the UK. Partnering with us gives you and your clients access to this expertise and market knowledge. 

When your clients need to raise finance, our team gets to work finding them the best financial options for them, as well as the best price on the market. 

No matter the need, no matter the amount – raising finance is what we do, not just who we are. 

How do you benefit from partnering with us? 

When you refer a client to us, you receive 25% of what we charge them. 

If a client you referred to us is charged £4,000, your business will receive £1,000. 

Your clients benefit from gaining access to the finance they need at the best price. You benefit from ensuring your clients’ ongoing financial security and stability, as well as the 25% share of the charge.

It’s a win/win partnership for all parties!

Partner with Raising Finance

If your clients are looking to raise finance for their business, referring them to us under our partnership scheme can benefit both them and your own business.

Turn your clients into a new revenue stream for your own business by becoming a Raising Finance partner.

Contact us today to find out more about how a partnership with Raising Finance can benefit you and your clients. 

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