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Raising Finance on course to raise over £3m for clients since lock down began

Press Release – 12th June 2020

Samera Finance Ltd are pleased to announce the successful obtaining of a second mortgage deal of nearly half a million pounds to provide funds for investment to a successful healthcare practitioner.

They have also obtained an outline finance agreement for two practice purchases in the UK, totalling £710,000. Practice purchases are still proceeding and three further purchases that were out on hold at the beginning of the COVID-19 issue are now expected to resume. 

Finance of close to £200,000 has also been obtained this week for an established dental practice to acquire an additional NHS contract.

Press Release – 19th May 2020

Despite the nationwide restrictions on business, the Samera Finance team have helped their clients source nearly £3m in funding since the UK lock down began. Further deals are expected to be completed imminently and will take them past the £3m mark.

The funding they have helped raise covers a wide range of deals for businesses across the UK. From two practice purchases in London and the Home Counties worth £1.9m and the purchase of an existing business premises at £280k, to asset and refurbishment loans totalling £600k. On top of this, they have helped to secure both start-up loans and associate buy-in loans.

Arun Mehra, Samera CEO said ‘collaboration is the key to weathering this storm and it is more important now than ever before that British businesses get the support they need.’