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Asset Finance

Asset Finance is a type of commercial funding that enables you access to vital business assets such as equipment, tools and vehicles or it could enable you to release cash from the value in assets that you already own. 

Asset finance includes: 

  • Hire purchase
  • Finance leases
  • Equipment leasing 
  • Operating leases
  • Asset refinance
asset finance

An ‘asset’ can be anything that you own, and with a wide choice of alternative lenders across the market, you can find assets in almost anything you own from refrigerators to vehicles. In many cases, companies do not have the upfront cash they need which is where asset finance provides a very useful form of commercial financing. 

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Acquisition Finance

Acquisition financing is the capital that is obtained for the purpose of buying another business. It allows users to meet their current acquisition aspirations by providing immediate resources that can also be applied to the transaction. Acquisitions and mergers finance is the commercial funding required by a business or sole trader to purchase another business. Businesses usually do not come cheap and, therefore, it is common to need to raise acquisition finance to make the purchase. 

Acquisitions can take a number of forms, such as a straightforward business purchase, or a Management Buy-Out.

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Working Capital Finance

A business’s working capital is the amount of ready cash it has to meet its day-to-day operations and debts. Working capital finance is commercial funding specifically designed to boost the working capital available to a business. 

Working capital is calculated by subtracting the total of the current liabilities from the value of the current assets. 

cash flow finance

Businesses that cannot meet their expenses or pay their debts will probably need to raise working capital finance. It is most often used for specific growth projects such obtaining a bigger contract or investing in a new market. 

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Tax Loans

Only 2 things are certain in life, and unfortunately, tax is one of them. Taxes are an inevitable cost in any business. Every business is responsible for paying their tax bill however, this can be extremely inconvenient at times. It is normal for a business’ cash flow to fluctuate however, it is imperative that money is put aside to meet tax obligations. This is where tax loans become an ideal way to spread out a tax demand across affordable monthly repayments without becoming a huge burden on your cash flow. 

tax loans

Sometimes, your tax bill can make a serious dent in your business’s cash flow. For this, and other reasons, your business may need to raise commercial funding to cover your tax bill.

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Commercial Property Finance

Commercial property finance is the funding raised by a business or sole trader to purchase a commercial property. There are a range of commercial property finance options available to you to individually suit your growth objectives and current financial circumstances, whether you are acting alone as an owner of a small business or as an established limited company. 

commercial mortgage commercial property finance

There are various different channels and methods of commercial funding available to businesses seeking to purchase, expand or refurbish their commercial property.

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Bridging Loans

Bridging Loans are a short-term form of commercial funding used by businesses to ‘bridge’ a gap in their cash flow. They can be useful when you need immediate capital, integrate cash flow or make necessary refurbishments. They are loans that are priced monthly rather than annually, and lenders may lend anything between £25,000 to £25m. 

Bridging Loan

They are commonly used in commercial property financing and can be a very useful way to raise quick, short-term working capital. Bridging loans are one of the most useful and viable options when you need to move quickly to buy a property. 

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